Teen Disco Package

15” speaker with built in amp (plug your own music directly into the speaker)

Speaker Stand

Smoke Machine

Colourful Disco Ball

Mini Laser Light

UV light OR Strobe Light

R 995

Smoke Machine 700w

Rental includes full tank of smoke fluid.


R 250

Smoke Machine 1400w

Rental includes full tank of smoke fluid.


R 390

Basic Disco Lights

Mini Laser: R120

Colourful Disco Ball: R150

6 Way Robot Light: R150

LED Strobe Light: R150

LED UV Light: R200

From R100

Low Fogger

Creates thick white fog that hugs the floor. Suitable for a small indoor area.

R 650

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PARTY bar light                             R  450 

A kit of 2 Led PARs and 2 Jellymoons on a T-bar stand with the possibility to mix RGB with cool white to achieve extraordinarily beautiful solid colours.