parachute rocket ride        

FROM R 2 000

4 Seater: R 2 000

6 Seater: R 2 500

8 Seater: R 3 000


Prices above includes an operator for 2 hours as well as delivery/collection (within Joburg).

Additional hours charged at R350 per hour.

Max 60kg per person

20201204_134601 (1).jpg

single LANE slide with bubble juice
FROM R 600

* Rate is for the whole weekend*

Dimensions: 8m x 2m- R600

Dimensions: 10m x 2m: R650

Includes 1L of super bubbly foam fluid. Just throw a small amount of liquid on the slide and watch the foam grow!


double lane slide WITH bubble juice 

R 750

* Rate is for the whole weekend*

Race your buddy!

Dimensions: 8m x 3.5m

Includes 2L of super bubbly foam fluid. Just throw a small amount of liquid on the slide and watch the foam grow!



Gladiator Slide 

R 750

*Rate is for the whole weekend*

Dimensions: 6.5m (l) x 3m (d) x x 2.5m (h)

Add a foam cannon with 10L of foam fluid for an additional R 1200



TWISTER Slide                         

R 1 950

Climb, Slide and Splash into the pond at the bottom

7m (l) x 4m (d) x 4m (h)

Duration: 6 hours

Suitable for children 5 years and older

Pond must be filled with water.

Strict adult supervision required



giant 5m slide

R 2 550

Size: 17m  x 5m

Duration: 6 Hours


Inflatable Jousting.jpg

gladiator Jousting

R 1 500

A test of balance, strategy and strength makes this a game for all ages. Two opponents face each other on podiums and attempt to topple each other off with the aid of soft-ended jousting poles. A large inflatable crash mat breaks the inevitable fall. ​

Includes 2 battle battons

Dimensions: 7m x 7m

Duration: 6 Hours


Boxing Ring.jpg

giant boxing ring
R 950

Includes: 2 sets of oversized boxing gloves

Dimensions: 4.5m x 4.5m

Duration: 6 Hours


Gladiator Track New.jpg

gladiator obstacle inflatable

R 2 250

Size: 20m x 3m

Duration: 6 hours



pirate ship castle 

R 750

Dimensions: 6m x 4.5m


Space Adventure.jpg

space adventure castle

R 950

Dimensions: 5m x 6m



Human Foosball 

R 3000


Dimensions: 7m x 12m

Duration: 6 Hours


Carnival Inflatable (2).jpg

carnival Games

R 3000

Six Carnival Games in One!

1. Basketball  2. Hoop Toss  3. Floating Balls  4. Fish Pond  5. Velcro Darts  6. Ball Toss


Size: 6x6m                

Duration: 6 Hours

*Please note: Operators & Prizes NOT included


4 Piece Gladiator Track_edited.jpg

inflatable obstacles 

From R 1500

blue and white jumping castle.jpg

blue & white castle 

R 550

*Rate is for the whole weekend*

Ideal for Boys or Frozen and Winter themed parties!

Dimensions: 3x3m



Pink & white castle 
R 550

*Rate is for the whole weekend*

Perfect for a little girls party!

Dimensions: 3x3m


Mini slide combo

mini water slide combo

R 750

*Rate is for the whole weekend*

Mini Jumping castle with a water slide and water cannon

Dimensions: 5.5m x 2.9m x 2.4m

Only suitable for children up to 6 years old



Giant Darts
R 1500

Duration: 6 hours

Dimensions:  7m wide x 5m high


White castle with balloons.jpg

White Jumping Castle        

Ideal for winter themed parties and weddings!

Size: 3x3m

*Rate is for the whole weekend*

3-in-1 Multi-sport

R 650

*Rate is for the whole weekend*

Soccer, Baseball and Football all in one

Size: 3.7m (l) x 3.2m (w) x 2.3m (h)

climbing & Velcro Wall combo 

R 3 500

Climbing wall on the one side and sticky velcro wall on the other side

Size: 10m x 4m x 5m(h)

Duration: 6 Hours

Enquiring for a school?

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