Frequently asked questions

1.Do the snow machines produce real snowflakes?

The snow machines do not produce real snow flakes. Instead, they produce tiny foam particles that simulate snowfall. Click here to see a video clip of a snow machine in action.

 2. How long does 5L of snow fluid last in the snowfall machine?

 Approximately 30-45 minutes. The run time will vary depending on what setting you run the machine.

3. Can we purchase more snow fluid for the snowfall machine?

Yes, more snow fluid can be purchased for R150 per 5L.

4. In what area do we operate?

 We only do rentals in Johannesburg & Pretoria. We sell machines and fluid nationwide.

5. Can you deliver and collect?

 Yes we offer delivery within Joburg and Pretoria. The delivery fee is area dependent.

6. What are the requirements to run a snow machine?

 They require electricity and the machine needs to be elevated (to allow the flakes to fall to the ground i.e placed on a balcony/roof/table etc).

​7. What is the main difference between the big and small snowfall machine?

   The main difference is the fluid tank size. The small machine has a 1L tank whereas the large machine has a 5L tank. You will therefore need to “top up” with fluid less often with the large machine.


8. What is the difference between the snow machine and the fake snow?

A snow machine creates the illusion of falling snow. The little snowflakes evaporate after a few minutes so you can’t really touch and hold the snowflakes from the snow machine. The fake snow is a powder that you mix water with. This creates something that looks like fallen snow that you can touch and hold and make a snowball with etc. The fake snow doesn’t evaporate so when you finished with it you physically need to sweep it up and throw it away.


9. Is the fake snow non toxic?

 Yes. No harm will come if eaten but, of course, it is not real snow and should not be eaten.


10. Why does the fake snow feel cold?

 Because it is 99% water. Water at room temperature is cooler than the skin.

11. Does the fake snow melt and will it blow around?

 No it doesn’t melt and won’t blow around.

12. Can the fake snow be used outdoors?

 Yes, but preferably not in direct sunlight. A covered outdoor area is ideal.

13. Will the fake snow stain clothes?